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Arctic Circle: Herschel Island

Discover the magic of Herschel Island located on the Arctic Circle ~ a land that is famed to explorers worldwide. Enjoy the excitement of boating in The Mackenzie Delta and on the Arctic Ocean!


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British Columbia & Alberta: Rockies by Rail

Adventure in the Canadian Rockies! This journey brings you to the stunning mountain towns of Banff and Lake Louise, with a trip to the awe-inspiring Columbia Icefields and a breathtaking helicopter tour through the soaring peaks of the Rockies.

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British Columbia: Broken Islands and Pacific Rim National Park

KayakingThe area is part of Pacific Rim National Park and contains hundreds of wilderness islands no larger than 2 km (1.3 mi.) across.

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British Columbia: Great Bear Rainforest Cruise

Great Bear RainforestIslands and intricate waterways beneath towering mountains...lush, coastal temperate forests...wilderness alive with eagles, ravens, salmon, bears and wolves...

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British Columbia: Great Bear Rainforest Cruise (ML)

This fall, witness one of nature’s most profound events...

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British Columbia: Grizzlies & Whales

WhalesA chance to experience the wildlife-rich regions of the Great Bear Rainforest and Johnstone Strait

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British Columbia: Grizzlies of the Great Bear Rainforest

1great bear rainforestWEBEnjoy the Great Bear Rainforest at Great Bear Lodge, located 50 air miles from Port Hardy, British Columbia. It is a place of spectacular beauty where one can still find the silence and solitude of a long gone era.

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British Columbia: Haida Gwaii Cruising Expedition (9-10 days)

Island Roamer

Haida Gwaii (once named the Queen Charlotte Islands) are one of the richest biological and cultural areas in North America.

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British Columbia: Johnstone Strait Sea Kayaking

Orcas of Johnstone Strait. Also known as Robson Bight, a narrow passage that separates Vancouver Island from the British Columbia mainland, the areas is rich in scenery and marine life other than whales.

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British Columbia: Whales, Wildlife & First Nations of the Pacific NorthWest

Travel to the remote Pacific Coastal Rainforest of northern Vancouver IslandAlert Bay

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Canada: Great Northern Adventure (5 days)

Dawson City to Tuktoyaktuk on the Arctic Ocean in 5 days!

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Canada: Rail Adventures


Experience over 3000 miles (4800 km) of Canada's most diverse landscapes


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Churchill: Birds of the Sub-Arctic

Be part of the migration as we follow birds off the beaten path.

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Churchill: Polar Bears

Polar Head

Journey to Churchill, the "Polar Bear capital of the world" and view at close range an astounding concentration of polar bears in their natural environment.

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Churchill: Polar Bears with VIA RAIL train

Bears and Buggies

Polar Bears of Churchill.  For millennium, the Arctic's most magnificent animals have gathered along the western shores of Hudson Bay each October and November to wait for the ice to freeze to begin their annual seal hunt.

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Churchill: Whales and Wildlife

Churchill summer wildlife adventure! The excitement of being on the water in open air boats amongst the whales is unparalleled.

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Digital Marketing Communications Contract

RFP : Integrated Digital Communications Project – Request for bids

Project overview To assess and build capacity and effectiveness of current digital communications channels of a 30-year licensed Tour Operator that focuses on natural history and cultural adventures in Canada and Globally.

Background of business and project We are a licensed Travel Agency (BC Reg #3401) with 30 years travelling and customizing trips to all seven continents and have established a solid network of committed travel professionals around the globe. We have a passion for wildlife, natural and cultural heritage, adventure (trekking, hiking, cycling & paddling) and ecotourism. We believe in low-impact travel in the environments we connect with, and meaningful exchanges with the cultures we encounter.We are a small niche tour operator whose client base is aging. We would like to appeal to a broader client base and to reach new demographics.

The successful candidate will work with the Company owner and any of their people in the capacity of marketing.

Scope of the project
* To assess and implement components of a digital media strategy.
* To enhance the reach of existing platforms to existing and new clients (website, enewsletter, blog, instagram) and establish complementary platforms (Facebook and other sites) with consistent and effective messaging.

Project goals Evidence shown by appeal metrics for company products and services, increase in # of website hits, subscriptions to newsletter, etc. Project timeline The contract will take place between February 15 to April 30, 2019.

Budget A budget of $ 3,000 is provided and includes all fees and services.

Technical requirements of the project The contractor will have knowledge of websites, Facebook profiles, Google Analytics, social media profile set up. Familiarity with Joomla and Constant Contact would be helpful.

Criteria selection Preference will be given to Candidates who are current or former Royal Roads University students (Undergraduate or Graduate). Include your student status with your project bid.Proposal may be submitted by an individual or small team. RFP submission deadline.

Submission of project bids is by January 22, 2019.

1. Send cover letter and resume that illustrates your abilities within the scope and goals of the project by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
2. Provide examples of three current projects in Digital Communication.
3. Include a preliminary timeline of your intended approach to the project
4. Include your contact information