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New Zealand - 4 Wheels & 8 Weeks

In 1990 and with a total budget of $800, we pick up a Morris Minor from an auto dealer in Christchurch. This is where my husband, Matthew, spent his youth and where we first met and we are here for tw...

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by Francine Clohosey I am overlooking and nestled into the Andean Cloud Forest. Bio Habitat Hotel, located at the top of a mountain outside the town of Armenia offers me comfort for the night. The fir...

By Catherine Evans

I had the good fortune of spending 8 days in Belize with legendary bird guide Roni Martinez who has been working as a natural history guide since 2004.

By Catherine Evans

A mere 18 hours separates the icy streets of Vancouver (even less time from Toronto or the large American cities to the South) and the islands and islets that grace Belize’s Barrier Reef. Stretching from Mexico to Honduras, this is the world's second-longest Barrier Reef.

By Catherine Evans (photos by Greg Hemmings)

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to attend an SIUA INUvation Showcase in Nuuk, Western Greenland for small and medium sized businesses. I was part of a team from mainly Canada whose business interests ranged from tourism, film, artisan products to fashion.

My NZ tel number is 027 618 6384. It is the fourth mobile number for me in a year. I have enjoyed the convenience of purchasing a SIM card upon arrival in countries where I spend three or more weeks.

It’s known as Myanmar.  It’s also known as Burma – not just by colonists. Whatever you call it, I highly recommend that you get on the train here.  

If Salvador Dali were to chose one country in which to locate his dream world of unusual creatures, I’m certain is would be Australia. Drifting alone for the last 60 million years, Australia&rsq...

Currently I am traveling with a small group of Canadian and US travellers in the Copán valley in Honduras. While not wanting to wish away time in what I have found to be a remarkable

January to April marks a great exodus of Canadians to Southern destinations, and the popularity of Costa Rica among tropical travellers is not surprising. You are never more than one hour from a Natio...

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